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Martketing Automotion

Supporting digital marketers in delivering real value to campanies

Website visitor identification and behavioral profiling

e-mail marketing, dynamic website content, mobile, social media

Multichannel one-to-one real-time marketing personalization

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We love our 3500 customers in 40 countries

Datanyze ranks SALESmanago as world's TOP 6 Marketing Automation platform.

SALESmanago Marketing Automation Pricing

Small & Medium Companies as well as Large Enterprises can benefit from using SALESmanago Marketing Automation thanks to its flexible pricing depending on the number of e-mail addresses that are in customer's database on SALESmanago account. The price is charged on monthly basis and there are no additional fees.

SALESmanago e-Mail Marketing Pricing

SALESmanago CRM & Contact Management Pricing

We keep it simple - why over 3500 companies have chosen our Marketing Automation System

Free Starter Package and configuration of the system - each company after signing licence agreement gets dedicated Marketing Automation Specialist to make configuration of the system for you and make the system run in the first month of the agreement at no additional cost.

Marketing Automation specialist for all the time you use SALESmanago - we never leave you alone with our software. We proactively help you to use our system, make configurations and provide free consultations to achieve your business KPI's.

Monthly agreement and no limits on any functionality - you pay only when you use the system and there are no limits on users, e-mails sent, marketing automation rules and API requests.

Free trainings and ongoing education - each of our customers obtains unlimited access to online trainings, business webinars, white papers, case studies to help understsand our solution and capabilities. Our online manual with over 150 articles on how to use SALESmanago is available at

If you are intersted in any of this please contact our sales representative in Norway;

Anna Korc:

mobile: +48 513 172 813

Customers about SALESmanago

Michał Jaworski

E-Commerce Manager, Rainbow Tours

SALESmanago features: personalization and contextual matching give customer an impression that the offer is chosen for him by a dedicated specialist.

Huber Jakubiak

Growth Hacker,

SALESmanago let's you use the power of marketing automation, through which we continually increase the effectiveness of our marketing activities.

Our unique technology

Website visitor identification and building a behavioral profile

Identification and tracking of companies visiting your website

Real-time tracking of identified and anonymous website visitors

Next Generation Behavioral Engine – advanced tracking - scroll map and heat map

Key SALESmanago functions

We give new life to a well-known tools

Marketing Automoation



e-Mail Marketing

Text and voice messages

Contact management and lead scoring



CRM, ERP and call-center integration

Conversion and ROI analitycs

Personalised RTB

Even Management

Lead Management

Social Media

SALESmanago solutions

Real-time dynamic content

Sales Intelligence

Lead Nurturing

Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Big Data Marketing

Revenue Performance Management

Dynamic one-to-one emails

Integrations and partners

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